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Kathryn Petralia_Kabbage_Edited.png

Kathryn Petralia, President and Cofounder, Kabbage

Mark Mader, CEO, Smartsheet

Amy Pressman_Medallia_Edited.png

Amy Pressman, Cofounder, Medallia

Chris Wright_Red Hat_Edited.png

Chris Wright, CTO, Red Hat

Justin Kan_Edited.png

Justin Kan, CEO, Atrium (Co-founded Twitch & former YC Partner)

Karen Peacock_Edited V2.png

Karen Peacock, COO, Intercom

Jason Lemkin_SaaStr_Edited.png

Jason Lemkin, Founder & CEO, SaaStr

Leela Srinivasan, CMO, SurveyMonkey

Mada Seghete, Cofounder, Branch

Nick Mehta_Gainsight_Edited.png

Nick Mehta, CEO, Gainsight

Lynsey Thornton_Shopify_Edited.png

Lynsey Thornton, VP UX, Shopify

Wade Foster_Zapier_Edited.png

Wade Foster, CEO, Zapier

Pratima Arora, Head of Product, Atlassian

Shawna Wolverton_Zendesk_Edited.png

Shawna Wolverton, Zendesk, SVP Product

Sid Sijbrandij_GitLab_Edited.png

Sid Sijbrandij, CEO, GitLab

David Grow_LucidChart_Edited.png

David Grow, President & COO, Lucidchart

Todd Olsen_Pendo_Edited.png

Todd Olson, CEO, Pendo

John Foreman_MailChimp_Edited.png

John Foreman, SVP of Product, Mailchimp

Jon Herstein_Box_Edited.png

Jon Herstein, Chief Customer Officer, Box

Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP of Marketing, HubSpot

Jason VandeBoom_Active Campaign_Edited.png

Jason VandeBoom, CEO, ActiveCampaign


Naomi Ionita, Partner, Menlo Ventures (former Head of Growth at Evernote & Invoice2Go)

Sahir Azam_MongoDB_Edited.png

Sahir Azam, SVP of Cloud, MongoDB

Oji Udezue_Calendly_Edited.png

Oji Udezue, VP Product & Design, Calendly

Derek Andersen_Bevy_Startup Grind_Edited.png

Derek Anderson, CEO, Bevy

Michelle Huff_UserTesting_Edited.png

Michelle Huff, CMO, UserTesting

Alda Leu Dennis, Managing Partner, Initialized Capital

Alex Hood_Asana_edited.png

Alex Hood, Head of Product, Asana

Ben Kaplan_PR Hacker_Edited.png

Ben Kaplan, Founder & CEO, PR Hacker

Arjun Chopra_Floodgate_Edited.png

Arjun Chopra, Partner, Floodgate

Harj Taggar_Triple Byte_Edited.png

Harj Taggar, CEO, TripleByte

Liz Cain_OpenView_Edited.png

Liz Cain, Partner, OpenView Venture Partners

April Dunford, Author / Speaker, Ambient Strategy

Guy Marion_Brightback_Edited.png

Guy Marion, CEO & Cofounder, Brightback

John Francis_Affirm_Edited.png

John Francis, Head of Design, Affirm

Gibson Biddle_Edited.png

Gibson Biddle, Former VP/CPO at Netflix/Chegg

Sharon Goldstein, CEO, LimeSpot

Dan McGaw_Effin Amazing_Edited.png

Dan McGaw, CEO and Founder, Effin Amazing

Julie Weill Persofsky_Edited.png

Julie Weill Persofsky, Partner, Winning By Design

Jean-Christophe Taunay-Bucalo_Travelperk_Edited.png

Jean-Christophe Taunay-Bucalo, CCO, TravelPerk


Dan Olsen, Author, The Lean Product Playbook


Frederic Lardinois, Reporter, TechCrunch


John Koetsier, Reporter, Forbes & VentureBeat

Bill Bryant_Edited.png

Bill Bryant, Partner, Threshold Ventures (formerly DFJ Venture)

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