Jyoti Bansal, Founder, AppDynamics

Kenneth Lin, CEO, Credit Karma


Sarah Bird, CEO, Moz

Michael Pryor, CEO, Trello

Ed Baker, VP Product & Growth, Uber (formerly Facebook's Head of International Growth)

Aatif Awan, VP Growth & International Products, LinkedIn

Elena Verna, SVP Growth, SurveyMonkey


Francis Lobo, CRO, WeWork

Holly Liu, Founder, Kabam


Patrick Malatack, VP Product, Twilio


Brian Rothenberg, VP Marketing, Eventbrite

Scott Heimes, CMO, Sendgrid

Naomi Ionita, VP Growth, Invoice2Go (formerly Evernote's Director of Growth)

David Nihill, Founder, FunnyBizz

Frederic Lardinois, Reporter, TechCrunch


Gerrit De Vynck, Reporter, Bloomberg

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